Please note, our store at Phillip St. in Waterloo is closed until further notice. Open for online orders We can be contacted by phone 519-886-6630 | 1-800-263-1434, or email We are offering free shipping for most Cameras/equipment online orders, and low shipping cost for photo service orders. Please practice "social distancing" wherever you are, and take utmost care to wash hands properly, and look after overall health.
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About us

Waterloo's Family Owned Camera Store

The store was established in the 1970's as a staple photo developing retailer in Waterloo, Ontario. Our family purchased the business in 1984 and established it as BJ Photo Labs Limited, and we continue to run it to this day. We focus on professional printing and equipment calibration services, and selling camera equipment.

We are Waterloo's Independent Camera Store with the best prices on a wide range of equipment, including Professional Cameras and Lenses. Located at 468 Phillip Street, Waterloo. Open 9am to 7pm Weekdays / 9am to 6pm on Saturday . Serving Waterloo region and owned by our family for over 25 years.

We sell professional photographic, video, and sports optics equipment, and are authorized Nikon Professional Dealers, Leica Camera System Dealers, Fujifilm Profession X Series, Canon EOS, Panasonic, GOPRO, and carry new specialty lines ( Irix lenses, Ona Bags, Billingham, FLM Germany Tripods, Voigtlander lenses, Sigma Professional Lenses, Tamron Lenses). Also, BJ Photo offers a comprehensive range of professional lab services (including new Maestro Canvas Gallery Wraps, 1440dpi lab printing, and high-quality Passport Photos $10 for 2 images).

To ensure we have the same buying power as larger box stores, we are members of the Zone Image buying group, and more generally Cantrex Nationwide - the largest buying group of independant retailers in Canada.

Zone Image
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